Unofficial Biography MERRY, GIRL OF 1,000 GIMMICKS [Merry Pemberton (née Mary Craemer)]
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Personal Data

Real Name: Merry Pemberton (née Mary Craemer)
Occupation: Student until 1948, later career unknown, now retired
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: 'Fly-Foot' Craemer (father, deceased), John Pemberton, Jr. and Gloria Pemberton (adoptive father and mother, both deceased), Sylvester Pemberton III and 'Breezy' Pemberton (adoptive brothers, both deceased), Arthur Pemberton (nephew), Henry King (husband (?), deceased), Henry King Jr. (son), Jacqueline Pemberton (relative, deceased)
Base of Operation: Civic City, PA
Group Affiliation: Old Justice
Height: 5'3" (later 5'5")
Weight: 105 lbs (later 120 lbs)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red, later grey
First Appearance: Star-Spangled Comics #81 (June 1948)
(as the Gimmick Girl): Star-Spangled Comics #82 (July 1948)

Profile written by Jim 'Zilch' Doty




  The cousin of Sylvester Pemberton, the original Star-Spangled Kid, Merry decided to follow his example and became the somewhat ridiculous Merry, Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks. In later life, she realised how foolish it was to become a hero at such a young age, and became part of Old Justice, a group campaigning to see limitations put on the activities of minors as super-heroes. However, in a trip to the planet Myrg, the actions of the current Star-Spangled Kid mellowed her and she began to see how young heroes should be encouraged.


  As a toddler, Merry, the only daughter of second-story thief 'Fly-Foot' Craemer was placed into an orphanage as her father began a short jail term. He never sought to gain custody of her, hoping she would have a better life without him.

  Now a young teen, Merry was adopted by the wealthy Pemberton family, to hopefully serve as a playmate for teenaged Sylvester. The young boy's mother was worried when he came home one evening with a head bruise he got while fighting crime as The Star-Spangled Kid.

  Some criminals found out about Merry being in the Pemberton home, and persuaded Fly-Foot to rob them or else they would reveal Merry's true heritage to her adoptive parents. While routing the crooks, Merry noticed that the Star-Spangled Kid was wounded in the same manner as Sylvester and deduced his dual identity. Saving his daughter's life Fly-Foot was killed, but died peacefully knowing his daughter was well taken care of.

  When Stripesy broke his leg during a case soon afterwards, Merry took on a costumed identity as The Gimmick Girl, defeating foes with cleverly misguided weapons or gimmicks. The Gimmick Girl operated solo for a short while, later trying to find her adopted brother and his companion, unknowing that they had been lost through the timestream during the last case of the Seven Soldiers of Victory (I).

  At some point in her adult life, she came into contact with Dr. Henry King, who had a criminal career during the 1940s as The Brain Wave. Whether or not the relationship was mutual or consensual is unknown, but she did bear a son, Henry 'Hank' King, Jr. At some point during his late adolescence, Merry faked her death, possibly due to a nervous breakdown possibly influenced by either father or son's mental abilities.

  Recently, she reappeared, working with Old Justice, a group of former kid sidekicks demanding strict governmental restrictions on young people acting as metahuman crimefighters. She was briefly reintroduced to the now-returned Stripesy, and eventually made herself known to her son.

Powers and Weapons

  As 'the Girl of 1000 Gimmicks', Merry used many small gimmicks hidden in a 'utility belt' such as special bolos, knock out powder puffs, a boxing glove gun and others. It is possible that she adapted or reused weapons from a foe of the Star-Spangled Kid, Mr. Gimmick. She has recently updated some of her arsenal, and uses pre-recorded holographic imagery on occasion.

  Merry was a fair hand-to-hand fighter.

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