Unofficial Biography KNOCKOUT [Kay]
 Created by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett


Personal Data

Real Name: Kay
Occupation: Professional criminal; formerly exotic dancer
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: former trainee the Female Furies
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
First Appearance: Superboy Vol. 3 #1 (February 1994)

Profile written by Nik Stanosheck & Kim Jensen




  Knockout is a former trainee of the Female Furies on Apokolips. However Granny Goodness didn't like her lack of respect and obedience so she sentenced Knockout to inner-circle solitary, which meant she was to be chained to the walls of a fire-pit. During her time in the fire-pit she was approached by Himon, who told her that she could choose her own destiny, before he vanished into the fire-pit. Knockout thought that what she had seen was a fever-dream and didn't think more of it.

  Having survived her time in inner-circle solitary Knockout earned Granny Goodness' forgiveness and was allowed to complete her special powers training and become a Fury. When Big Barda, whom Knockout respected like no other, escaped, she began to question being a Female Fury and was once again sent to inner-circle solitary. This time however, Knockout struggled to get free of the chains and when she eventually did she remembered her fever-dream and leapt into the fire-pit. As she entered the pit a Boom Tube opened below her and sent her to the rim of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. There she became an exotic dancer and tried her best to keep a low profile.

  That all changed when she saw Superboy on the news. Desperately wanting to meet him she stole the Spear of Lono to get his attention. Shortly after Superboy showed up and their fight had begun she gladly handed over the spear but continued the fight, mainly because this was her twisted way of flirting. In this grudge match, she beat the stuffing out of him due to her superior strength and that Superboy was slowly dying of the clone virus.

  Later, the government wanted to stop the drug Cartel of the major undersea group known as the "Silicon Dragons." They enlisted Knockout in the group called the "Suicide Squad," and offered to clear her record for breaking into a museum and stealing the Spear of Lono. She didn't join because she cared about a pardon, but because she likes getting in the action. It was only coincidence that Superboy was also a member of this team, but he joined because he wanted to stop the Dragons too, and keep an eye on some very deadly villains in this team just to keep them in line. She ended blowing up the whole base, and Superboy thought she was killed.

  Knockout and Superboy later briefly tangled when Superboy was already having a scrap with the world seeder known as Valor. This time Superboy fared slightly better. By then Superboy was taking quite a liking toward Knockout and thought he could change her. They formed a brief partnership and a relationship, but this was mainly Knockout's plan to make Superboy her "boy toy" and do whatever she told him to, even if it was cold and calculating. Some time later the "Female Furies" went looking for Knockout due to the fact that she escaped and never submitted as the rest had to their leader, Granny Goodness. While Knockout and Superboy tried to keep them from reclaiming her, Knockout killed a police officer. Superboy, always wanting to look on the bright side, refused to believe that Knockout would do this, and protected her from the authorities.

  They eventually went to an island where a mysterious figure called Victor Volcanum, was holding some scientists hostage. He invited Knockout and Superboy to his island, and when he allowed Superboy to check on the "guests" to make sure they were okay, Knockout hit on Volcanum, since she loves taking advantage of men with power. Superboy returned and seeing Victor all over Knockout, he attacked without thinking, when Victor was in reality only responding to a beautiful woman offering herself. Since Volcanum is only a mere man, Superboy defeated him easily, and was ready to deliver the killing blow, but rejected the offer reluctantly, seeing as it would be unbecoming for Superboy to act like that.

  Knockout finished his job though and another victim was claimed, this time in front of Superboy. Realizing how wrong he was to have believed her all along, they finally duked it out on the island, and using his tactile telekinesis, he chained Knockout to the island as it was sinking under the ocean. Superboy returned her to the authorities, and she is now in Kulani Prison awaiting her chance to tear him apart, and the next time she won't be flirting!

Powers and Weapons

  As a result of the special powers training she received while she was being raised in Granny Goodness's orphanage, Knockout has super-human strength and endurance. She is a highly trained warrior and is also a master hand-to-hand combatant. Knockout has a psychological weakness due to her torturous training on Apokolips, and when she feels trapped, she shuts down.

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