Unofficial Biography HUMAN BOMB [Roy Lincoln]
 Created by Paul Gustavson

Human Bomb

Personal Data

Real Name: Roy Lincoln
Occupation: "chemist", later adventurer, government agent
Marital Status: single, through 1948
Known Relatives: B. Lincoln ( father, deceased )
Base of Operation: Mobile, later Washington, D.C.
Group Affiliation: All-Star Squadron, Freedom Fighters
Height: 5'10" (later 5'8")
Weight: 165 lbs. (later 195 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, later Grey
First Appearance: Police Comics #1 (August 1941) [Quality]

"There're times when being the Human Bomb is kinda satisfyin' in a destructive sorta way" - Human Bomb

Quote taken from Freedom Fighters #2




  Some time in the early Summer of 1941, young Roy Lincoln aided his father, explosives expert Professor Lincoln, in perfecting an accidental discovery of a powerful explosive, QRX-27. Little did they know, the two were under the watchful eye of Nazi spies. Coveting the powerful regenerative explosive, Roy and his father were attacked while hard at work on purifying and quantifying their discovery. Roy's father died at the hands of the spies, unwilling to divulge the secrets of its creation. Cornered, Roy did, what at the time, seemed like the best way to dispose of the formula, he swallowed it!

  Amazed that he did not instantly die, young Roy was astonished to discover that he was now able to cause things to explode, simply by touching them. If he increased the kinetic force by hitting the object harder, the power of the explosion was increased. The only problem was that he could not turn this off. Wrapping his hands (where the effect was the strongest) in a "fibro-wax" that had been used to store the compound, he found that it stifled the explosive effects. Wearing a suit and helmet eliminated all chance of an accidental explosion.

  Using his new found powers, he destroyed the spy ring and set out to fight crime and Nazi saboteurs. Contacting the government to help in the control or elimination of the explosive effects, he was directed to join the All-Star Squadron. Later, The Human Bomb joined an offshoot of the group headed by Uncle Sam, The Freedom Fighters.

  As time wore on, The Human Bomb either learned to control the explosive blasts or their strength weakened enough so that he only had to wear the gloves. After retiring, it's not known whether he now commands full control or if his powers faded all together.

  After the end of the Second World War, Lincoln began working for the US government, whether as a member of Argent, or some other branch concerned with meta-human activity is unknown. Roy Lincoln is retired and spends time with Arn Munro on his friends' yacht "Gladiator", somewhere off the Florida Keys.

Powers and Weapons

  The Human Bomb's main offensive weapon is, well, blowing things up. After ingesting the QRX-27 (possibly standing for: Quantive Regenerative eXpolsive #27?) compound, his skin and muscle tissue became imbedded with the formula which reacts with the slightest effort with any sort of matter producing an explosive effect, which Roy has immunity to. It is not known whether he would be immune to a blast that he had not generated.

  The Human Bomb's uniform is made of "fibro-wax" , a material that dampens the explosive reaction. At the beginning of his career, he was forced to wear the entire costume all the time, but in later adventures, he was able to wear just the gloves.

  Roy is, at best, a fair hand-to hand combatant, relying on his ability to knock out or destroy his opponents. His knowledge of chemistry is nowhere at a genius level, but seems to be able to navigate the bureaucracy of government with ease.

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