Unofficial Biography FACELESS HUNTER FROM SATURN [Chun Yull]
 Created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky

Faceless Hunter from Saturn

Personal Data

Real Name: Chun Yull
Aliases: Chen Yull or Chan Yull, Chn Yull, Faceless Creature, Face-Hunter from Saturn
Occupation: Would-be world conqueror
Base of Operation: Formerly Klaramar, a sub-atomic world of Saturn, currently Earth and the nation of Zandia.
Group Affiliation: Forgotten Villains (former member)
Height: Originally sub-atomic. Now seemingly variable, but at least twice the size of a normal human being.
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: None
Hair: None
First Appearance: Strange Adventures #124 (January 1961)

Profile written by Ola Hellsten

"With my super-scientific powers, I am creating a harmless nuclear explosion! Unless you surrender your planet to me,
I will change the nuclear cloud into a world-wide destructive one!"
- The Faceless Hunter from Saturn

Quote taken from Strange Adventures #154




  Millennia ago, the seemingly uninhabitable world of Saturn was colonized by Martians. While they could not settle down on the planet's gaseous surface, the Martians created artificial satellites in orbit around the gas giant they called H'ronmeerca'andra. Each satellite's environment mimicked a different aspect of Mars (or Ma'aleca'andra) and functioned as a center for manufacturing or mining and refining of Saturnian hydrogen. As labour, the Green and White Martians created genetically altered clones of themselves, who became the Red and White Saturnians. The race was decimated in the Martian Civil War, the remaining debris of which now forms the rings of Saturn. However, a handful of Saturnians, both red and white, have survived to this day. Prince Jemm of the Red Saturnians is one of them.

  What is less known, however, is that the world of Saturn is also inhabited on an entirely different plane by an entirely different race. On the surface of Saturn, there is the sub-atomic world of Klaramar, homeworld of the menace named Chun Yull, commonly referred to as the Faceless Hunter from Saturn. With his orange skin, pointy ears, and lack of facial features, this creature is an anomaly among his race. His origin and motivations are still mostly unknown.

  Faceless Hunter in actionGrown to enormous proportions, the Faceless Hunter first appeared on Earth in early 1961, when he used his amazing absorbing powers in an attempt to conquer our world. Though failing to do so, he renewed his attempts at least twice in the following years. In spite of his great power, the Hunter's plans were thwarted each and every time by Klee Pan, a manhunter of Klaramar, in collaboration with the heroic highway patrolmen Bob Colby and Jim Boone of Earth. (For their bravery, Klee Pan rewarded Colby and Boone with telepathic powers.)

  The Faceless Hunter was not to be seen again in almost three decades, but in recent years, he was found and recruited by the wicked witch called the Enchantress. Together with other semi-retired evil-doers like Atom-Master, Kraklow, Mister Poseidon, and Ultivac, they formed the criminal organization known as the Forgotten Villains. Allying themselves with the sentinent sorcerer-planet Yggardis, the group was intent on conquering the universe. Later, they were also hired by Vandal Savage for a mission in the past, but were repeatedly opposed by their counterpart team, the Forgotten Heroes.

  The villains were ultimately defeated by the Forgotten Heroes and Superman, after which most of them were taken into custody. The Faceless Hunter from Saturn was freed and briefly reappeared during the great Crisis. More recently, he was shown having found asylum in the nation of Zandia, where he fought Young Justice and their allies as part of the super-villain army of Agua Sin Gaaz.

Powers and Weapons

  Apart from tremendous strength and stamina, Chun Yull had the ability to absorb anything he touched and turn it into a weapon of destruction (for example, touching powerlines gave him extraordinary electrical powers). The Faceless Hunter has not shown any signs of other typically Saturnian abilities, such as shapechanging or flight, or the weakness of fire. Indeed, the entire Klaramarean race's connection, if any, to the rest of the Saturnians, is as yet unexplored.

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