Unofficial Biography ATLAS II
 Created by Jack Kirby


Personal Data

Occupation: Defender and avenger
Known Relatives: None
Base of Operation: Various
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 280 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: First Issue Special #1 (April 1975)

Profile written by John Cencullo




  A hero in undefined ancient times, possibly in Greece. As a child, Atlas saw the slave raiders of the evil King Hyssa burn his village, capture his mother and friends, and kill his father. Escaping from the slavers' clutches, young Atlas was taken in by a man named Chagra, who observed that Atlas was 'a strange child' with the strength of a full grown man. When Chagra saw the strange glowing crystal carried by Atlas, he realized that Atlas's people were from the fabled Crystal Mountain and that Atlas was the inheritor of the mountainís powers. As Atlas grew to manhood, he became a hero in his own right, helping innocent people with his Herculean strength. However, his lust for vengeance against Hyssa was ever present. All his training, all his preparation, all his adult life led up to the one moment when Atlas would confront King Hyssa one final time. It is not yet known how that confrontation turned out.


  Many eons ago, in a time when mankind was rising out of barbarism, there lived a mysterious people who came from the fabled Crystal Mountain. One fateful day, an evil slaver and his men attack the village of these quiet people, burning their homes and capturing the inhabitants as slaves. Hidden by his parents in a nearby cave, the child named Atlas watches the terrible scourge. Atlas sees that his mother is among the captured, but his father resists against overwhelming odds, exhibiting strength many times that of an ordinary man. Eventually he is overpowered and is struck down. The grief-stricken Atlas runs to his father's aid, only to be snatched up by the cruel slaver. With a single blow, the child fells the brutish man. Swift as he is strong, young Atlas races to a marsh for safety.

  A traveler named Chagra, who had been hiding in the marsh, grabs Atlas, covers his mouth, and tells him to keep quiet. Soon, the slavers give up the search and depart. The child, still in Chagra's grip, grabs Chagra and tosses him into the marsh. Atlas rushes back to the village, only to find his father among the dead. An annoyed and perplexed Chagra watches as Atlas digs through the ruins of his home, only to emerge with a large, glowing crystal. Chagra realizes that the villagers had come from the Crystal Mountain, kneels, and offers his apologies to Atlas. Chagra states that it is said that the leader of Atlas' people bears a piece of that mountain, and must pass it on when he dies. Atlas proclaims that he is the new leader. Chagra tells Atlas that where Atlas leads, he will follow. The grief-stricken boy is indifferent to Chagra's offer, telling Chagra the choice is his -- only vengeance is on his mind.

  Chagra follows Atlas for years, until the boy becomes a man. The two share times of great hardship and danger. Many are witness to Atlas' exhibitions of strength and courage, and the legend of "Atlas" spreads. Heroic deeds become his mark. Victory follows victory. Atlas wins many trophies and gifts, such as the golden Helmet of Champions.

  One night, Chagra confesses his true motivations to Atlas. He explains that he has waited for years, until Atlas was ready to bargain. He will lead Atlas to his goal, the evil slaver who killed his father and captured his people, if Atlas will in turn lead Chagra to the Crystal Mountain. Atlas understands, and a bargain is struck. Their next stop would be the Lizard Kingdom of Hyssa. Having lived in the accursed kingdom himself, Chagra leads Atlas past the illusions of the fire wizards, through the dismal gloom of a giant cavern filled with great lizards, and into Hyssa, a city of great wealth and power.

  Chagra brings Atlas to the marketplace, where Atlas shows off his strength by crushing two large blocks of stone under his mighty arms. When the crowd proclaims that it must be a trick, Chagra asks if anyone dares challenge Atlas. Kargin, the strongest one present, known throughout Hyssa, takes the challenge. With a single blow, Atlas vanquishes Kargin. At first the crowd is amazed, but they quickly turn on the duo when they suspect treachery.

  The angry crowd causes delay to an approaching noble of the king, and the slaves who carry him upon their shoulders. The noble's two warriors attack Atlas, but are easily defeated. When the king's noble tells the two strangers that they'll answer to him, Atlas scatters the noble's slaves, toppling the cart upon which he sat. Atlas grabs the noble, who screams for their deaths. The king's archers arrive and take aim. Atlas holds the noble out as a shield.

  Although the outcome of the conflict has never been chronicled, there can be no doubt as to its resolution.

Powers and Weapons

  Atlas rarely has need for weapons, relying instead on his mighty strength and agility. It is not clear if his superhuman abilities derive from the glowing crystal taken from the Crystal Mountain, or are instead inherent in his genetic makeup. Although it is clear that his father was mortal, there is evidence that suggests Atlas may himself be an immortal.

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