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Below is the definitive list of appearances of Gangbuster in chronological order. Flashback sequences or story entries will be followed by a [Flashback] note. Stories that for some reason are no longer part of current continuity will have a comment saying this in a note following the entry.

Follow the links for a complete index of the issue, including story and creator info as well as full character chronology and in some cases story synopses.

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Gangbuster Chronology

As Jose Delgado

Adventures of Superman #428 (May 1987): "Personal Best"
Adventures of Superman #432 (September 1987): "Gangwar Part One: From the Streets, to the Streets!"
Adventures of Superman #433 (October 1987): "Gangwar Part Two: A Tragedy In Five Acts"

As Gangbuster

Adventures of Superman #434 (November 1987): [Gangwar Part Three] "Shambles"
Adventures of Superman #437 (February 1988): "Point of View"

As Jose Delgado

Action Comics #597 (February 1988): "Visitor"
Adventures of Superman #439 (April 1988): "Tin Soldiers"
Adventures of Superman #440 (May 1988): "The Hurrieder I Go"
Adventures of Superman #442 (July 1988): "Power Play"
Adventures of Superman #445 (October 1988): "Headhunter"
Adventures of Superman #446 (November 1988): "First Steps"
Adventures of Superman #447 (December 1988): "Over the Edge"
Adventures of Superman #448 (winter 1988): "The Ledge"
Adventures of Superman #450 (January 1989): "Triple Threat"
Adventures of Superman #451 (February 1989): "Dangerous Ground"
Superman Vol. 2 #30/2 (April 1989): "King of All He Surveys"
Adventures of Superman #453 (April 1989): "Apparitions"
Adventures of Superman #456 (July 1989): "Redemption!"
Action Comics #643 (July 1989): "Superman on Earth"
Action Comics #645 (September 1989): "My Lady Maxima"
Superman Vol. 2 #37 (November 1989): "Best Friends"
Adventures of Superman #463 (February 1990): "Speed Kills!"
Superman Vol. 2 #42 (April 1990): "Krypton Man"
Adventures of Superman #465 (April 1990): "The Last Son of Krypton"
Superman Vol. 2 #43 (May 1990): "The Evil Factory"
Adventures of Superman #466 (May 1990): "The Limits of Power"
Action Comics #653 (May 1990): "Love & Death"
Superman Vol. 2 #44 (June 1990): "Dark Knight Over Metropolis, Part One"
Adventures of Superman #467 (June 1990): "Dark Knight Over Metropolis, Part Two"
Action Comics #654 (June 1990): "Dark Knight Over Metropolis, Part Three"
Action Comics #656 (August 1990): [Soul Search] "Part One: Going to Blazes"
Superman Vol. 2 #47 (September 1990): [Soul Search] "Part Two: Lives in the Balance"
Adventures of Superman #470 (September 1990): [Soul Search] "Part Three: ...Like A Woman Scorned!"
Action Comics #659 (November 1990): "Breakout!"
Superman Vol. 2 #50 (December 1990): "The Human Factor"
Superman Vol. 2 #51 (January 1991): [1] "Mister Z!"
Superman Vol. 2 #52 (February 1991): [4] "The Name, Pardners, Is Terra-Man..."
Superman Vol. 2 #53 (March 1991): [7] "Truth, Justice and the American Way"
Adventures of Superman #480 (July 1991): [21] "Dying Breed"
Action Comics #667 (July 1991): [22] "The Final Chapter"
Adventures of Superman #483 (October 1991): [33] "Blindspot!"

As Gangbuster

Action Comics #671 (November 1991): [38] "Missing In Action"
Superman Vol. 2 #62 (December 1991): [40] "Wedding Daze"
Superman Vol. 2 #65 (March 1992): [10] "Panic In the Sky! Second Strike: Head Man"
Adventures of Superman #488 (March 1992): [11] "Panic In the Sky! Third Strike: Counter Strike!"
Action Comics #675 (March 1992): [12] "Panic In the Sky! Fourth Strike: Divide and Conquer"
Superman Vol. 2 #66 (April 1992): [14] "Panic In the Sky! Final Strike: Our Army At War"
Adventures of Superman #489 (April 1992): [15] "Panic In the Sky! Epilogue: Hail the Conquering Heroes"
Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993): [11] "Life After Death"
Showcase '95 #10 (early November 1995): "Rock Bottom"
Showcase '96 #7 (August 1996): "Playing With Fire"
Power of Shazam! #32 (November 1997): "Windshear"
Power of Shazam! #33 (December 1997): "Yeah -- This Is A Face Only A Mother Could Love..."
Power of Shazam! #34 (January 1998): "With Friends Like These.."
Power of Shazam! #47 (March 1999): "Endgame"


It is currently uncertain where these stories fit into the character's internal chronology.

Armageddon 2001 #2 (October 1991): [No Title]
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