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Supermen of America #1
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March 1999 [$4.95]

Cover Credits: Dave Gibbons (pencils, inks)
Patrick Martin (colors)

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Story: "Fire From Heaven" (54 Pages) Ch. 2: "Outburst"
Ch. 3: "Young Supermen"
Ch. 4: "Calm Before the Storm"
Ch. 5: "Truth and Justice"
Ch. 6: "Letters Seal'd"


Stuart Immonen (plot, script)
Norm Breyfogle (pencils; chapter 1)
Sean Phillips (pencils, inks; chapter 2)
Humberto Ramos (pencils; chapter 3)
Chuck Wojtkiewicz (pencils; chapter 4)
Ron Lim (pencils; chapter 5)
Ethan Van Sciver (pencils; chapter 6)
Joe Rubinstein (inks; chapters 1 and 5)
Josť Marzan, Jr. (inks; chapters 3 and 4)
Dennis Janke (inks; chapter 6)
Dutro (letters)
Glenn Whitmore (colors)
Digital Chameleon (color separations)
Joey Cavalieri (edits)

Feature Characters:

White Lotus (Nona Linbaker)
Psilencer (Tim Thomas Townsend; first appearance of both in costume; latter dies)
Brahma (Cal Ubjak)
The Loser (Theo Storm)
Pyrogen (Claudio Tielli; first appearance of latter three; all seven form the Elite Brigade of the Supermen of America)

Guest Star:


Supporting Characters:

Lois Lane
Simone DeNiege
Kelex II
Claire Anderson
Becky Anderson


Lex Luthor
Mr. Richard (an emplyee of Lex Luthor's)
Dominus (behind the scenes)

Other Characters:

The Supermen of America Blue Berrets (first appearance)
Tango (a member of the Duster street gang)
Jack (first appearance of both; two members of the Scorpion street gang)
Emma Bradshaw (a WGBS news reporter)
Junior K.D. (first appearance; lead singer for Crossfade; dies)
Rimshot (a rock band)
Secretary Al-Haq
General Niapaul (first appearance of both; two Bhutran government officials)

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1:Fire From Heaven

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