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Unofficial IndexSUPERBOY Vol. 3
Superboy Vol. 3 #2
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March 1994 [$1.50]

Cover Credits: Tom Grummett (pencils; signed)
Karl Kesel (inks; signed)
Tom McCraw (colors)

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Story: "Knockout!" (22 Pages)


Karl Kesel (plot, script)
Tom Grummett (pencils)
Doug Hazlewood (inks)
Richard Starkins (letters)
Tom McCraw (colors)
Frank Pittarese (edits)

Feature Character:

Superboy (last in Ray Vol. 2 #2)

Supporting Characters:

Rex Leech
Roxy Leech
Tana Moon (revealed to be a native Hawaiian)
Sam Makoa
Ray Garnes (first appearance; Tana's cameraman)


The Silicon Dragon (Chan named)
Scavenger (first appearance)

Other Characters:

Knockout (next in #13)
Doctor Arnold Kaua (curator of the Hawaiian Historical Museum)
Pinto (two exotic dansers)
O'Hara (a Hawaiian police officer; first appearance of latter four)


Superboy battles Knockout, a drop-dead beautiful woman harboring a secret past, who crosses the kid in order to get his attention... and possibly a date. But the likelihood of that diminishes when Superboy finds out she is a lot stronger than he is.

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