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Suicide Squad Vol. 1 #1
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May 1987 [$0.75]

Cover Credits: Howard Chaykin (pencils, inks; signed)

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Story: "Trial by Blood" (22 Pages)


John Ostrander (plot, script)
Luke McDonnell (pencils)
Karl Kesel (inks)
Todd Klein (letters)
Carl Gafford (colors)
Robert Greenberger (edits)

Feature Characters:

Amanda Waller (last in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #14; next in issue #3)
Rick Flag (last in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #14)
Bronze Tiger
Captain Boomerang
Enchantress (all four last in Legends #6)
Karin Grace (next in issue #3)
Mindboggler (last in Fury of Firestorm #47)
Plastique (last in Captain Atom #2)
Nemesis (last in flashback #3; undercover as Colonel Mushtaq)
Nightshade (last in flashback in #38; undercover as Chimera)

Supporting Characters:

Briscoe (first appearance)
Flo Crawley (first appearance)
John Economos (first appearance; the warden at Belle Reve)
Simon LaGrieve (first appearance; a psychiatrist; last in flashback in issue #38)
Marnie Herrs (first appearance; LaGrieve's assistant; next in issue #8)


Rustam (team leader)
Manticore (first appearance of all five; along with Chimera as the Jihad)
President Marlo of Quarac (last in Adventures of Superman #428)
Parasite (in between Fury of Firestorm #59 and #64)

Guest Appearance:

Vicki Vale (in between Batman #403 and #412)

Other Character:

Jerry (first appearance; dies)

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1:Trial by Blood

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