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Showcase '94 #5
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May 1994 [$1.95]

Cover Credits: Walter Simonson (pencils, inks; signed)
Olyoptics (color, color separations)

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Story: "Benedictions Part 1: My Midnight Confession" (18 Pages)


Chuck Dixon (plot, script)
Phil Jimenez (pencils)
Bruce Patterson (inks)
Ken Bruzenak (letters)
Bernie Mireault (colors)
Dennis O'Neil (edit consults)
Neal Pozner (edits)

Feature Character:

Huntress II (last in Green Arrow Vol. 2 #83; next in Robin Vol. 2 #6; also appears in flashback to childhood)


Tommy Fortune
Mandy Paul (also in flashback to childhood)
Mickey Silver (first appearance of both; both next in Robin Vol. 2 #6)
Nate (two of Mickey Silver's men; first appearance; die?)

Guest Appearances:

Batman II (last in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #25; next in Batman #506)
Robin III (last in Batman #506; next in Robin Vol. 2 #6)

Other Character:

Father Daniel DePaolo (first appearance; next in Robin Vol. 2 #6)

Note: Story continues in Robin Vol. 2 #6


There is a power struggle going on for the position at the top of the Gotham mobs' feeding chain, and Huntress is well aware that Batman has captured someone who was never really a contender for the crown. The real power is Mandy Paul, and it seems she is out to take out some of the opposition. Huntress tails an influential dealer in stolen cars, Mickey Silver, just as he comes under attack. Caught in the crossfire, she is surprised to find Robin coming to her assistance.

Second Story: "On the Other Hand..." (10 Pages)


Jeph Loeb (plot, script)
Steve Skroce (pencils)
Romeo Tanghal (inks)
Bob Pinaha (letters)
Buzz Setzer (colors) Neal Pozner (edits)

Feature Character:

Loose Cannon (last in ...; next in ...)



Other Character:

Bobby (Loose Cannon's neighbour)


Eddie Walker, New York city cop, is caught up in a bank robbery and locked in the vault by the robber, Firepower. Luckily for him, at sunset he becomes powerful hero Loose Cannon, and is able to 'rescue' himself and bring Firepower in. He also brings some hope to a kid who lives on his block.

Third Story: "Hero of Choice" (10 Pages)


Ruben Diaz (plot, script)
Max Douglas (pencils, inks)
Dave Horning (colors)
John Workman (letters)
Neal Pozner (edits)

Feature Characters:

Bloodwynd (last in ...; next in ...)


Negron (a drug pusher)

Other Characters:

Eric (a boy under Negron's 'protection')
Annie Chu (a counselor)


Eric steals a woman's purse for Negron, the man who supplies him with drugs and a place to live, and encounters Bloodwynd while doing so. Bloodwynd pursues him, and confronts him, Negron and others with the evil they have done. Only Eric is able to reject this evil and decides to set his life down another path.

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1:Benedictions Part 1: My Midnight Confession
2:On the Other Hand...
3:Hero of Choice

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