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Unofficial IndexMARTIAN MANHUNTER Vol. 2
Martian Manhunter Vol. 2 #16
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March 2000 [$1.99]

Cover Credits: Tom Mandrake (pencils, inks; signed)

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Story: "Rings of Saturn, Episode Four" (22 Pages)


John Ostrander (plot, script)
Tom Mandrake (pencils, inks)
Bill Oakley (letters)
Carla Feeny (colors)
Heroic Age (color separations)
Peter Tomasi (edits)

Feature Character:

Martian Manhunter (also appears as Commander Jogarr)

Supporting Character:

Princess Cha'rissa

Guest Stars:

Wonder Woman


Cabal (revealed as Queen Tareesha, Commander Jogarr, Commander Synn, Dall, Balik and Johm in this story; all six die)
Captain Destiny
the Space Pirates of the Kharma (including Dogsbreath)

Other Characters:

Captain Kh'arr


J'onn is able to escape the trap into which he has been put by Cabal with the help of the Zo'ok, the sentient plant which forms his costume, and Ch'arissa, who by merging/mating with him, forces his mind and his body back together.

Later while the betrothed Ch'arissa and Jemm are seemingly alone together, the Saturnians guarding the throne room discover a scene wherein Commander Jogarr has killed the princess because he saw her draw a knife on Jemm. Many other members of the Saturnian aristocracy arrive on the scene, and Jemm reveals that he knows which of them form the being Cabal, these one again merge when their subterfuge is exposed. However, once they have done so, Ch'arissa reveals that she is alive, and Captain Jogarr arrives on the scene. Cabal realises that it has allowed J'onn to be absorbed into itself, and begins to attack him. Jemm and Ch'arissa are able to focus the power of Jemm's soul gem to amplify the feelings of hatred within Cabal so that the individual personalities which make it up turn on one another and are destroyed.

J'onn returns to Earth just before the marriage/coronation ceremony, where he tells Wonder Woman of what has happened to him, and expresses how important love, whether that of Ch'arissa or the platonic love of Jemm and his Earthly friends, is to him.

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1:Rings of Saturn, Episode Four

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