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Justice League Quarterly #17
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Winter 1994 [$3.50]

Cover Credits: Howard Porter (pencils)
Jeff Albrecht (inks)

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Story: "The Heart of Darkness" (38 Pages)


Paul Kupperburg (plot, script)
Danny Rodriguez (pencils)
Richard Space (inks)
Bob Pinaha (letters)
Robbie Busch (colors)
Brian Augustyn (edits)

Feature Characters:

Tuatara (lapses into a coma)
Impala (loses powers)
Bushmaster (shot dead)
Godiva (loses powers)
Thunderlord (dies)
Rising Sun
Wild Huntsman II (disappears)
Centrix (of Canada)
Cascade (of Indonesia)
Chrysalis (of France)
Tundra (of Russia) (first appearance of latter four; all join the Global Guardians)

Supporting Characters:

Orkan (both die or disappear)


Fain Y'onia (first appearance)

Guest Appearances:

Martian Manhunter

Other Characters:

Pablo (Venezuelan newsman)
Mr Bains (producer of a radio commercial)


An ancient enemy of Dr Mist tries to draw his foe out in order to gain some revenge; to do so, he attacks the Global Guardians, unaware that they have no idea where Mist is either. By the end of the battle, when both Y'onia (their attacker) and Wild Huntsman disappear to another dimension, only four Guardians are left able to continue as heroes - Owlwoman, Seraph, Olympian and Rising Sun. However, with the help of the Martian Manhunter, Owlwoman recruits four new heroes and a new Global Guardians is born.

Second Story: "The Sleeper Awakens" (12 Pages)


Charlie Bracey (plot, script)
Carlos Franco (pencils)
Rich Rankin (inks)
Clem Robins (letters)
Scott Bauman (colors)

Feature Character:

Captain Atom

Other Characters:

Martin Ellis
Yvonne Ellis
Lt. Barnes (of the Clarke County police department)


Captain Atom encounters a man whose metagene is activated when he awakes from a seven-year coma. He is able to share the man's confusion and grief, having once lost twenty years himself. He sees the man reunited with his wife and hopes the couple can make a new start.

Third Story: "Guardian Angel" (12 Pages)


Andy Mangels (plot, script)
Phil Jimenez (pencils)
John Stokes (inks)
Clem Robins (letters)
Greg Wright (colors)
Brian Augustyn (edits)

Feature Character:



Franco Quinones (a pimp)

Other Character:

Lizzie Angelo (last in New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #27??)
Kirsty Robertson
Sheila (a prostitute)


Maxima encounters a runaway who has been used by a pimp. She helps the girl to get her belongings back and to make a new start in life.

Feature: "Justice League Gallery" (xx Pages)


Lee Moder (pencils - Classic Justice League)
Mark Farmer (inks - Classic Justice League and Firestorm)
Vincenzo (colors - Classic Justice League and Firestorm)
Chris Batista (pencils - Firestorm and Aquaman)
R. DuBurke (pencils, inks - Crimson Fox)
Johnson (colors - Crimson Fox and Batman)
Eduardo Barreto (pencils, inks - Fire)
Mike Mayhew (pencils - Batman)
Kevin Nowlan (inks - Batman)
Phil Jimenez (pencils, inks - Vixen)
Garrahy (colors - Vixen and Aquaman)
Mike Wieringo (pencils - Guy Gardner)
Frank Percy (inks - Guy Gardner)
Chaffetz (colors - Guy Gardner)
Joe Rubinstein (inks - Aquaman)

Comment: An occasional series of pin-ups of Justice Leaguers past and present, in this case the classic League, Firestorm, Crimson Fox, Fire, Batman, Vixen, Guy Gardner and Aquaman.

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