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Justice League Europe #42
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September 1992 [$1.25]

Cover Credits: Ron Randall (pencils; signed)
Spike (inks; signed)

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Story: "Mother of Monsters" (22 Pages)


Gerard Jones (plot, script)
Ron Randall (pencils)
Randy Elliott (inks)
Willie Schubert (letters)
Gene D'Angelo (colors)
Brian Augustyn (edits)

Feature Characters:

Crimson Fox (Vivian)
Doctor Light IV
Elongated Man
Flash III
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Power Girl

Guest Stars:

Wonder Woman


Cerberus I

Comment: Story continued from the previous issue.


The Justice League and their allies find themselves in the depths of the underworld, where one by one they are tempted away or overpowered until only Power Girl remains. She manages to strike a deal with Echidna, mother of monsters, to release her friends and refrain from attacking civilisation. In return, Power Girl will re-visit the underworld once per year to learn from Echidna. The others are surprised at this, and Wonder Woman doesn't trust Echidna's word, but they head back home nonetheless, hoping that Power Girl hasn't made a terrible mistake.

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1:Mother of Monsters

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