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Unofficial IndexTAKION
Takion #1
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June 1996 [$1.75]

Cover Credits: Aaron Lopresti (pencils; signed)
Gary Martin (inks; signed)

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Story: "Birth Pains" (22 Pages)


Paul Kupperberg (plot, script)
Aaron Lopresti (pencils)
Gary Martin (inks)
Willie Schubert (letters)
Lee Loughridge (colors)
Alisande Morales (assistant edits)
Dan Thorsland (edits)

Feature Character:

Takion (Joshua Sanders; first appearance; a blind psychologist; becomes an avatar of the Source; last in flashback in issue #4; also in flashback following flashback in issue #2 and preceding flashback in issue #4)

Guest Stars:

Highfather (last in New Gods Vol. 3 #9; next in issue #3)
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner; last in Justice League America #113)

Supporting Characters:

Nancy Hyatt (first appearance; one of Joshua's coworkers; dies)
Norman Kreger (first appearance; a 52 year-old man; next in issue #4)

Other Character:

Bobby (first appearance; a friend of Joshua's; in flashback)

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1:Birth Pains

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