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Jonah Hex Spectacular #1
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1979 [$0.40]

Cover Credits: Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (pencils, inks; signed)

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Story: "The Last Bounty Hunter!" (30 Pages)


Michael Fleisher (plot, script)
Russ Heath (pencils, inks)
Ben Oda (letters)
Bob Le Rose (colors)
Larry Hama (edits)

Feature Character:

Jonah Hex (dies; corpse next in Secret Origins #19/1)

Supporting Character:

Tall Bird (first appearance; Jonah's second wife; a comanche; next in Secret Origins #19/1)


George Barrow
Luke, and three others (first appearance of all eight; the George Barrow Gang)
Lew B. Farnham (owner and operator of Farnham's Spectacular Wild West Revues)
Simon (his assistant; first appearance of both; all ten die)
Charlie (first appearance of both)

Other Characters:

Michael Wheeler (first appearance; a teacher of American History at Princeton University; dies)
Hank Crawford (a sheriff)
Ernie (a police officer)
Bill (a bartender)

Comment: This story takes place in 1904.

Second Story: "Bat Lash" (17 Pages)

Feature Character:

Bat Lash

Comment: Will be indexed at a later time.

Third Story: "Rights of Passage" (17 Pages)

Feature Character:


Comment: Will be indexed at a later time.

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1:The Last Bounty Hunter!
2:Bat Lash
3:Rights of Passage

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