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 1 A.D. - 1900 A.D.

1 A.D. to 19th Century
1 BC | 500 | 1000 | 1500 | 1600 | 1700 | 1800

Major event/story arc (usually 3 issues or more). Origin and/or first public appearance of a character/team. Major events which are pre-Crisis or otherwise out-of-continuity Death of a hero/villain

1-49 A.D.

Starheart     1 A.D.: A fragment of the Starheart falls to Earth in Eastern China and is shaped into a lamp.
    8 A.D.: Roman emperor Augustus Ceasar and actor Lycius pose as beggars in streets of Rome to escape the watching eyes of the gods as suggested to him by Dream of Endless whom he had met in a dream. Sandman Vol. 2 #30 (September 1991): "August"
    14 A.D.: Augustus Ceasar dies.
c. 25 A.D.: A 30 year old Jesus begins journeys through Palestine, preaching message of love & tolerance, looked on with suspicion by strict Jews.
    27 A.D.: Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist, who is executed the following year.
c. 33 A.D.: Jesus Christ drinks from cup at Last Supper. This cup becomes known as Holy Grail, takes on mythic proportions. Time Masters #5 (June 1990)
    33 A.D.: A Jew named Josephus mocks Jesus as he carries his cross. He is damned to wander until Jesus' return. Later, Josephus picks up the dice that were used by Roman soldiers who played for Jesus' clothes. He soon becomes known as the immortal named the Wandering Jew. Arak, Son of Thunder #7 (March 1982)
    33 A.D.: Jesus Christ's prayer shawl is stolen while he is taken to the cross. It is eventually passed to a Druid priest, becomes mystical talisman, and ends up in Zandia. New Teen Titans Annual Vol. 2 #2 (August 1986)
    33 A.D.: Roman centurion Longinus uses a spear to pierce Christ's side while he hung on cross. It gains mystical powers, becomes known as Spear of Destiny, and somehow gains enormous but undefined mystical power. In future years it falls into hands of many great conquerors, including Constantine, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, Frederick of Barbarossa and others until it falls into the hands of Adolf Hitler by 1939. The Bible / Weird War Tales #50 (January 1977) / DC Special #29 (August 1977) / All-Star Squadron #4 (December 1981) / Secret Origins #31 (November 1988) / Spectre Vol. 3 #20 (July 1994)
    33 A.D.: Joseph of Arimathea uses Holy Grail to catch blood of Christ while he is on cross. Time Masters #5 (June 1990) / The Bible
    33 A.D.: Three days after his death, Jesus Christ's tomb found empty.
    33 A.D.: The Spectre-force is released from limbo. It refuses again to join a human host, but is forced by Michael, Archangel of Heaven. Michael uses his other form, Kali of Hindu belief system, to join Wrath of God to human host. In India, a man named Caraka sees his wife & child killed by Beltane. Wishing vengeance, he is made into new host of Spectre by Michael/Kali. Spectre defeats Beltane, frees souls she has captured. Spectre Vol. 3 #0 (October 1994) / DCU Heroes Secret Files & Origins #1 (February 1999)
    33 A.D.: Sometime after, Caraka becomes corrupt, and relinquishes his bond to Spectre. Spectre Vol. 3 #25 (January 1995)
c. 33 A.D.: Most Pantheons of gods & goddesses begin to withdraw from Earthly contact due to lack of worshippers.
    37 A.D.: Caligula becomes Emperor of Rome and is assassinated four years later.
    43 A.D.: The city of London is founded.
    45 A.D.: Apostle Paul begins missionary journeys.

50-99 A.D.

    54 A.D.: Nero becomes Emperor of Rome.
    50's A.D.: The warrior named Marcus becomes the Golden Gladiator, greatest warrior of Rome. Brave and the Bold #1 (August-September 1955) / History of the DC Universe #1 (1986)
    50's A.D.: At some point in his career, Golden Gladiator is transported almost two thousand years into future to Monitor's Satellite. After teaming with Firebrand, Miss Liberty, Black Pirate & son Justin, Don Cabellero, Trigger Twins Walt & Wayne, Roving Ranger, Viking Prince Jon, Silent Knight, Arak, Super-Chief, Strongbow, Valda the Iron Maiden & Cyclotron against the Ultra-Humanite he is returned to this time with no memory of the adventure. All-Star Squadron #54-#55 (February-March 1986)
    50's A.D.: Blackbriar Thorn, druid wizard, spreads terror throughout Rome until its legions sweeps in after him, and slew his mindless cult. Thorn uses his powers to transform himself into wood in order to hide. He ends up being buried in the Earth during the fierce battle and remains trapped there for almost 2000 years. DC Comics Presents #66 (February 1984): "The Resurgence of Blackbriar Thorn!"
    64 A.D.: Dr. Doome summons the Roman Emporer Nero to 1942 to battle Seven Soldiers of Victory. Nero is later returned to his own time with no memory of his time in future. Leading Comics #3 (Summer 1942) / All-Star Squadron #29 (January 1984): "A Man Called Doome!"
    64 A.D.: The time-lost 20th century Captain Atom meets Nero in Rome. Captain Atom battles alien commando Ger Gans. Rome set fire during battle, in explosion Captain Atom blasted further into the future where he will emerge in the 1870s. Armageddon: Alien Agenda #2 (December 1991): "Rome Alone"
    64 A.D.: Fire destroys much of Rome. Nero orders persecution of Christians as scapegoat.
    68 A.D.: Nero commits suicide as his subjects rebel against him.
    70 A.D.: Rome sacks Jerusalem. Last band of Jewish fighters fights Romans from Masada. Romans, under Flavius Silva break into fortress to find Jews took their own lives. Flavius Silva's spirit will return 1900 years later to battle Seraph of Global Guardians. Super-Friends #46 (August 1981) [Note: Not part of continuity as presented in Super Friends]
    77 A.D.: Romans conquer Britain.

100-149 A.D.

    117 A.D.: Hadrian becomes emperor of Rome.
*     Marcus Aelius meets the woman who will one day be known as Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza. Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #2 (Fall 1995)
*     Alien Virmiru come to various worlds, chose representative to train while leaving one of their own behind, all in preparation for their eventual conquest of that world. Alien worlds never know Virmiru's true intentions until it is too late. Hadrian & Marcus Aelius celebrate Roman legion's victory. Virmiru come to Rome. Virmiru Nuntius proposes exchange of ideas and representatives to Emperor Hadrian. Worldwide competition is held, Marcus Aelius chosen to accompany aliens to their homeworld & study their ways. Adventures of Superman #527 (September 1994) / Alpha Centurion Special #1 (1996)
*     Virmiru named Foris remains on Earth. Marcus begins training on Virmiru homeworld alongside representatives of other races. Although he spends ten years there, due to vagaries of quantum physics, he does not return to Earth for about 2,000 years. Virmiru gives him ship named Pax Romana. Alpha Centurion Special #1 (1996)

150-199 A.D.

    150 A.D.: Greek astronomer suggests Earth center of solar system.
    150 A.D.: Lucifer decides that the Spectre must be neutralized and demand that Beelzebub, Azazel, Belial, Shaitan, and Blaze do so, most of all to give them less time to scheme against himself. As a result of Shaitan's attempt Charaka is stripped of the power of the Spectre-force and is merged with Sekuba, a servant of Shaitan becoming Azmodeus. Spectre Vol. 3 #25 (January 1995)
    166 A.D.: Serious outbreak of plague in Roman Empire.

250-299 A.D.

    250 A.D.: Young woman brutalized by highwaymen serves as new host body of Spectre and battle Beltane, who had been reborn in body of man. Spectre Vol. 3 #0 (September 1994)
    292 A.D.: Atlantean sorcerer Thaumar Dhai loses his sceptre in Japan. DC Comics Presents #46 (June 1982)

300-349 A.D.

    300 A.D.: Feathered serpent-god Quetzalcoatl worshipped in highland Mexico. Superman: Man of Steel #3 (September 1991)

350-399 A.D.

    370 A.D.: Huns from Asia invade Europe.
    380 A.D.: Rome adopts Christianity.

400-449 A.D.

    400 A.D.: Roman legions begin to leave Britain. Big Bear of Forever People sent to this time period by Darkseid and witnesses the great Roman "Pull-Out" from ancient Britain. Highfather eventually returns Big Bear to his proper time. Forever People #7 (March 1972)
c. 400 A.D.: Incas established in South America.
    407 A.D.: First Mongol Empire is established.
    432 A.D.: St. Patrick begins mission in Ireland.
    433 A.D.: Attila the Hun becomes leader of Huns.

450-499 A.D.

c. 450 A.D.: Dr. Mid-Nite follows "gun that dropped through time" through a time chute to 451 where he meets Attila the Hun. All-Star Comics #53 (June 1950)
    450 A.D.: Attila the Hun brought to 1942 by Dr. Doome where he battles Seven Soldiers of Victory. Attila returns to this time with no memory of time in future. Leading Comics #3 (Summer 1942) / All-Star Squadron #29 (January 1984): "A Man Called Doome!"
    450 A.D.: Middle Eastern nation of Bialya is formed when nomads wrestle control from Palestinians. Atlas of the DC Universe
    453 A.D.: Attila the Hun dies.
    476 A.D.: The Roman Empire falls. Mysterious being called Bloodthirst claims to have helped Germanic hordes depose of Emperor Romulus Augustus. Superman: Man of Steel #29 (January 1994)
*     Fearful that their race would be absorbed by Homo Sapiens, mystic Homo Magi create hidden retreat in mountain of Turkey called Hidden City, led by Dr. Mist. Powered by the Medulla Jewel the City then shift into another dimension for protection. Justice League of America #165 (April 1979) / Secret Origins #27 (June 1988) / Atlas of the DC Universe
*     Viking warrior Valoric battles Huns, mistakenly taken to Valhalla by Valkyrie, returned to Earth in 1944 as Viking Commando. All-Out War #1 (September-October 1979) / History of the DC Universe #1 (1986)

500-549 A.D.

c. 500 A.D.: Demonic Wild Huntsman terrorizes mankind. Zero Hour #0 (September 1994)
c. 500 A.D.: Warlock from The Other Side of the World takes the name Warlock of Ys, after destruction of great city of Ys. Atlas of the DC Universe
    525 A.D.: Dionysius Exiguus creates the A.D. calendar based on the birth of Christ however his calculations cause an error of from 4 to 7 years.

550-599 A.D.

c. 550 A.D.: The era of Camelot, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
c. 550 A.D.: The Hawk Avatar causes a hawk to lead Brian Kent of Greystone to a suit of knight's armor, leading to the creation of the Silent Knight. The Silent Knight is transported to April 1942 through a time warp. Brave and the Bold #1 (August-September 1955)
c. 550 A.D.: When the ogre Bluderbore kills Sir Fallon, a knight at the court of King Arthur, Arthur chooses the new knight Sir Justin to go after the ogre. Justin meets Merlin, Arthur's ex-wizard, who gives Justin's horse Victory wings, and transforms him into the Shining Knight. Justin kills the ogre, but is frozen in ice. He awakens from suspended animation 14 centuries later, but eventually time-travels home. Adventure Comics #66 (September 1941)
c. 550 A.D.: Vandal Savage masquerades briefly as Merlin.
c. 550 A.D.: The 20th century Vandal Savage travels back in time and poses as King Arthur, the JSA travel to Camelot and then follow Savage to another world 20,000 light years away. The golden age Flash time-travels back 20,000 years and forward 20,000 years searching for Savage. All-Star Comics #64-65
c. 550 A.D.: The Shining Knight time-travels to 3450 A.D. Adventure Comics #159 (December 1950)
    560 A.D.: In an attempt to take the castle of Camelot, Morgaine Le Fay uses her magic to prevent Merlin from summoning the Shining Knight from the future. In doing so she accidentally summons Superman whom she then place under her control using a magic spell. When the time-lost Superman storms the castle Merlin manages to undo her spell and make Superman fight for Camelot. Superman Vol. 2 #55 (May 1991): "Camelot"
    560 A.D.: Meanwhile as the time-lost 20th century Swamp Thing as thrown back through time he somehow breaks Morgaine Le Fay's spell on the Shining Knight and both of them return to Camelot during the last hour of the fall of Camelot. The Shining Knight goes looking for the other Knights of the Round Table and returns with the Holy Grail. Upon seeing the Grail the Swamp Thing is once again cast back in time just as the castle falls. Swamp Thing Vol. 2 #87 (June 1989): "Fall of the House of Pendragon"
    560 A.D.: Just before the fall of Camelot, Merlin sends Etrigan to seek refuge in a human host beginning the nightmare of the priest of the oak called Jason Blood.

650-699 A.D.

c. 650 A.D.: Uxas is forced into marriage with Tigra on Apokolips.
c. 650 A.D.: In China, Jong Li, the sole surviving monk in the Temple of the Dragon Lords is approached by an alien being acting on behalf of the Guardians of the Universe and given an ring and power battery becoming Earth's first Green Lantern. Green Lantern: Dragon Lord #1-#3

700-749 A.D.

c. 700 A.D.: When Drax attempts his rite of passage into godhood, his brother Uxas kills him and obtains the Omega Force, becoming the god Darkseid. [Jack Kirby's Fourth World #2-5] Drax ends up in another dimension where he meets Astorr of Apokolips, the Infinity Man. Following Astorr's death Drax becomes the new Infinity Man
c. 700 A.D.: Later, Queen Heggra learns of the planet Bylan 5, a world located in a different time period, which contains a powerful chemical that Apokolips needs for its weapon factories. Heggra decides that Darkseid must wed that planet's princess so that they can gain access to the chemical mines. Because the flow of time differs between the Universe at large and the closed region of space occupied by New Genesis and Apokolips, the young Darkseid, his uncle Steppenwolf, and minions from Apokolips, using a Boom Tube, travel more than 200,000 years into the past to the planet Bylan 5. Darkseid encounters the creature later called Doomsday, and is forced to return home empty handed. Darkseid's crew is left to die, along with the planet's natives. Only Darkseid and his uncle make it home. Steppenwolf agrees to keep secret the fact that Darkseid turned his back on an opponent for the first time. Doomsday Annual #1 (1995)
c. 725 A.D.: The monk Bede continues Dionysius Exiguus' work and through his efforts the A.D. calendar is disseminated throughout Western Europe.

750-799 A.D.

c. 750 A.D.: Loki, the Norse god of mischief, is bound until late the 20th century. Sandman Vol. 2 #24 (March 1991)
c. 750 A.D.: After the slaughter of his people, one of the last Quontauka Indians, Bright-Sky-After-Storm, son of the thunder god He-No, escapes on a raft. He is found by a band of Vikings and taken in by Hermold the Frank, who names him Arak. Arak, Son of Thunder #33 (May 1984)
c. 750 A.D.: Later, the Clan of Thorgal attacks Arak and the Norsemen. Arak bests Thorgal, loses blood, and is taken to Valhalla by a Valkyrie. She brings him to see Othin, the head of the gods. While battling Thunor, the thunder god, Arak lifts the mystical hammer Mjollnir. The Valkyrie returns Arak to the land of the living. Arak, Son of Thunder #46 (July 1985)
c. 760 A.D.: Eight years later, they land on a small island. A year after that, he leaves the Vikings. Arak, Son of Thunder #1 (September 1981)
c. 760 A.D.: Using the name Arak Red-Hand, he battles in defense of the court of Carolus Magnus a.k.a. Charlemagne. He is eventually slain battling a dinosaur. His spirit rises to meet He-No, his spirit-god father. Arak is resurrected and becomes a mystical shaman. Arak, Son of Thunder #33 (May 1984)

800-849 A.D.

c. 800 A.D.: Darkseid meets and secretly marries sorceress Suli, who later gives birth to Kalibak the Cruel.
*     Arak and Valda the Iron Maiden are transported to April 1942 A.D. through a time warp.

950-999 A.D.

*     mid 10th century A.D. Prince Jon, the Viking Prince, is driven from his throne. Brave and the Bold #1 (August-September 1955)
    980 A.D.: The time-traveling 20th century Antonia (of Rip Hunter's Time Masters) meets the Viking Prince. Time Masters #5 (June 1990)
*     late 10th century A.D. Near the end of his life, the Viking Prince finds a time warp to the WWII era. The Viking Prince is transported to April 1942 through a time warp.

1000-1049 A.D.

c. 1000 A.D.: Darkseid, prince of Apokolips, persuades his uncle Steppenwolf to go to New Genesis and hunt some its citizens for sport. While there, Steppenwolf murders Avia, the wife of Izaya, one of the planet's leaders. Darkseid pretends to kill Izaya, who then launches the Great Clash between New Genesis and Apokolips, as Darkseid had planned.
c. 1000 A.D.: The much-depleted energy of the Godwave passes over the Earth a second time as it collapses back to its origin, resulting in the creation of many heroes and demigods.
*     early 11th century A.D. Creature trapped billions of years ago in Earth's core. Finally surfaced just under 1000 years ago amongst the Sierra Madre. Re-imprisoned in New Mexico. Adventures of Superman Annual #9 (1997)
*     11th century A.D. In Persia, Vandal Savage's secret organization, formed in ancient Atlantis, takes the name "the Illuminati".

1050-1099 A.D.

    1066 A.D.: The Manhunters come to Earth.

1150-1199 A.D.

c. 1050 A.D.: Using a spell of Tempus Fugit, the 20th century Etrigan sends Superman back in time to team up with Jason Blood/Etrigan of this era to battle Morgain Le Fey. Superman disrupts her spell, prevents her gleaming city from overrunning Gotham City in his era. Action Comics #587 (April 1987)
*     late 12th century A.D. In England, Robert Fitzooth, Earl of Huntingdon, becomes the outlaw Robin Hood. He and his men hide in Sherwood Forest, stealing from the corrupt rich and giving their spoils to the downtrodden poor.
    1199 A.D.: Etrigan the Demon prevents Jason Blood from remembering the Demon's deeds.

1200-1249 A.D.

    1202 A.D.: The Church of Brother Blood is established in the country of Zandia. New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #21 (July 1982): "Beware the Wrath of... Brother Blood!"
*     13th century A.D. Dr. Doome summons Genghis Khan to 1942 A.D. In China, the time-lost 20th century hero named the Shining Knight loses his memory and serves under Genghis Khan for a few weeks before he is rescued by the Superman, the golden age Sandman, and Metamorpho. Vandal Savage poses as Genghis Kahn.
*     13th century A.D. The Archangel of War, Karrien Excalibris, leaves Heaven and enters self-exile for the next 700 years. Demon Vol. 3 #55 (February 1995)

1300-1349 A.D.

*     14th century A.D. Worshippers of St. Dumas??? establish the Order of Azrael.

1400-1449 A.D.

*     c. 15th century A.D. In Mexico, the time-lost 20th century hero named the Crimson Avenger loses his memory and, for a few weeks, is convinced he is the Aztec war god Huitzilopochtli. He is cured and rescued by Dr. Fate, the second Atom, and the Elongated Man.
*     15th century A.D. The second Atom tosses the time pool device here (in France) from the late 20th century. When Chronos attempts to reach through the time pool to retrieve the device, it falls and breaks, closing the portal and severing Chronos' arm. Atom Special #1 (1993)

1450-1499 A.D.

    1477 A.D.: Vlad the Impaler is rumored to have died in exile, but he continues his reign of terror as Count Dracula, Lord of the Undead.
*     c. late 15th century A.D. Some years after the Crusade, the man who would become known as Ra's al Ghul becomes immortal. ??? Batman: Birth of the Demon (1992)
*     ??? Leonardo da Vinci, a descendant of the Homo Magi, is forced by the evil Vandal Savage to paint Mona Lisa, wife of a Florentine merchant, who Savage covets.????
    1492 A.D.: [October 12th] Christopher Columbus lands at San Salvador.
    late 15th century A.D. The Spider Guild first spreads its evil into the Vegan star-system. Green Lantern Vol. 2 #167 (August 1983)

1500-1549 A.D.

*     early 16th century A.D. The latest Hawk Champion is slain by the Borgias, his patrons, after only a year. Cesare Borgia feared he would shake his father from the papel throne and take his place. The Hawk Champion was killed by Cesare with the help of his trained ape Leonardo. Hawkman Vol. 3 #27 (December 1995)
*     16th century A.D. Andrew Bennett becomes a vampire. House of Mystery #290 (March 1981)
*     16th century A.D. Jon Valor becomes the Black Pirate. [Action Comics #23 (April 1940)] The Black Pirate & son are transported to April 1942 through a time warp. The Black Pirate is later killed, and is forced to wander the seas as a ghost.???

1550-1599 A.D.

    1572 A.D.: Mystics take a super-nova as an omen. Citrina takes them to the Gemworld, in another dimension. Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld #8 (December 1983) / Amethyst Vol. 1 #13 (February 1986)

1600-1649 A.D.

*     ???? Lord Malvolio = but he was born 1612, and stole his ring from his father, a GL in another sector, possibly. ???????
c. 1647: Darkseid sends Steppenwolf on a raid where he is killed by Izaya. Suli is murdered. Darkseid takes over the direction of the war and, after his ally Desaad secretly murders Queen Heggra, the throne of Apokolips as well.

1650-1699 A.D.

*     17th century A.D. ????french mate with female elementals. Young All-Stars #22 (January 1989)
    1688: Tigra is released from Hyperfreeze. Orion is born on Apokolips.
c. 1692 A.D.: Wounded Izaya crashes on unnamed planet, meets and marries Layla.
    1697: Izaya returns to war. The child who would later be named Scott Free is born, his mother Layla dies.
    1698: In the final days of the war, Izaya, now known as Highfather, negotiates a peace treaty with Darkseid. Darkseid wants the treaty to give him the time he needs to guarantee his ultimate victory. By the terms of The Pact, the rulers exchange guardianship of their heirs. Darkseid sends to New Genesis his son Orion, born to Tigra, whom Heggra had chosen to be his wife. Highfather sends to Apokolips his infant son, who is given the name Scott Free by Granny Goodness.


    1700: Keith Everet, the Earl of Strethmore is killed in Ireland. Sensation Comics #1 (Jan 1942): "The Gay Ghost"
*     early 18th century A.D.?? The race of shape-changers who inhabit Mars die from plague. J'onn J'onzz is teleported through time and space to Earth circa 1955 A.D..
c. 1726: Lemuel Gulliver visits Basilia, the Floating City, calling it Laputa. Aquaman Vol. 5 #22 (July 1996)


    1748: Big Barda is born on Apokolips.


*     c. 17?? A.D. Tom Hawk becomes Tomahawk. Star-Spangled Comics #69 (June 1947)


    1770: Rip Hunter's cousin, Dan Hunter, time-travels to 1770 Pennsylvania and inadvertently aids the Illuminati in killing George Washington and replacing him with Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria, a look-alike. Dan remains in the past and becomes partner to Tomahawk. Time Masters #4 (May 1990)
*     c. 17?? A.D. Tomahawk forms the Rangers.
    1776: [July 4th] After signing the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson join with 10 others to perform a mystical ceremony. Led by the alchemist Taylor Hawke, they create the living spirit of the United States. Later that year, Taylor Hawke is killed; the living spirit of America bonds with his soul to form the Minuteman. The Minuteman is with Washington at Christmas when he crosses the Delaware.
c. 1777: Frontier nurse Bess Lynn disguises herself with a black mask and a wig and assumes the identity of Miss Liberty to fight British tyranny.
    1777: Inspired by the Declaration of Independence Count Etienne du Vipere comes to America from France to fight in the American Revolution and discovers his psionic powers. Who's Who '93 Update #1 (December 1993)
    1779: Miss Liberty is transported to April 1942 A.D. through a time warp.


    1780: Grey Elk discovers the time-lost Swamp Thing trapped in a crystalline formation in Echo Valley.
c. 1780: Keith Everet's ghost returns after 80 years and inhabits a painting.
    1781: Miss Liberty is killed.
    1781: The Minuteman fades away after Yorktown.


*     Green Lantern Laham --> Waverly Sayre = Late 1700s????
    1790: Tomahawk (Tom Haukins) settles in Gotham City.
    1792: The Society of the Golden Wing is formed. Black Condor #2 (July 1992): "The High and the Mighty"
    1793: The Pocket Universe Supergirl is sent back in time from the late 20th century and lies in suspended animation for the next 200 years.
    1794: [June 28th] Dream's son Orpheus is saved by Joanna Constantine. Sandman Vol. 2 #29 (August 1991)
    1797: With the help of Metron and Himon, Scott Free escapes from Apokolips to Earth, breaking the Pact. Darkseid is now free to plot his domination of Earth, where he hopes to find the secret of the Anti-Life Equation. Mr. Miracle Vol. 1 #1
    1797: On Earth Dr. Victor Frankenstein creates a monster. After the death of Dr. Frankenstein in September the monster leaves civilization and heads north, remaining alone until 1942 A.D. Young All-Stars #19 (December 1988): "Vril!"
    1799: [December 31st] While tax collector Tom Haukins and his friend Stovepipe are doing an inspection of a British ship, under the command of the King of England's Necromancer Admiral Jason Blood, two Indians known as Moon Fawn and Wise Owl leave a small crystal containing a tiny part of the time-lost Swamp Thing's essence in his boat. After finding the crystal Haukins realise that his friend is in reality his greatest nemesis Lord Shilling in disguise, but just as he is about to kill him the boat comes alive and brings the boat to the cave that holds the Claw of the Elk-Hound. Shilling fights Haukins and loses his arm when trying to grab the Claw and at the stroke of midnight Haukins leave the cave with both Shillings arm and the Claw it holds to find Moon Fawn and Wise Owl waiting.


    1800: Tom Haukins leaves Gotham City with Moon Fawn and Wise Owl. When they arrive at Echo Valley Moon Fawn is two months pregnant. Tom now once again known as Tomahawk shows the Claw of the Elk-Hound to Swamp Thing who is sent further back in time.
    1801: Hawk, son of Tomahawk is born.
    1804: Vandal Savage is employed as advisor to Emperor Napoleon in France and stays for ten years. Flash #137


    1813: The spirit of America merges with a human and is reborn as Brother Jonathan. He is present in September of 1813 during the Battle of Lake Erie and rallies the troops of Andrew Jackson in January of 1815 during the Battle of New Orleans.
    Late 1810s: Tomahawk's son, Hawk, reaches adulthood.


c. 1820 On his eighteenth birthday, Firehair, a white boy raised by Grey Cloud, chief of a tribe of Blackfoot Indians, begins his quest for a home. Showcase #85 (September 1969)
    1826: The Daily Planet is founded in Metropolis.
    1827: Gordon Pym & Dirk Peters discover the Dzyan and Vril in the Arctic. Young All-Stars #16 (September 1988): "Leviathan!"


    1838: Jonah Woodson Hex is born to Woodson & Ginny Hex.
    1838: Ahwehota (Windrunner) of the Blackfoot Clan (age 19) gains the power of super-speed. (In 1844 A.D., Ahwehota Windrunner time-jumps to 1891 A.D.. He time-jumps a few times more and dons different identities. By the late 20th century he uses the name Max Mercury.)
    1838: The Shade battles Culp and saves Charles Dickens on what Dickens refers to as the "Night of Culp and death". Shade first encounters the Ludlows and when he kills all but two of the Ludlow family trying to prevent them from killing him the surviving Ludlows vow to revenge the death of their family. Shade #1
*     early 19th century A.D. Dr. Doome summons Napoleon Bonaparte to 1942 A.D.
*     early 19th century A.D. Don Caballero protects the people of California.
*     early 19th century A.D. Don Caballero is transported to April 1942 A.D. through a time warp.


    1840s: Don Fernando Suarez becomes the original El Castigo the Whip.

*     1844 A.D. Windrunner time-jumps to 1891 A.D.


    1850: Fero, chief of the Carib Indians, becomes Captain Fear. He is later killed, and is forced to wander the seas as a ghost.???
    1851: [July] Woodson Hex sells his son Jonah as a slave to an Apache chief.
    1851: Alicia Huston dies, leading to the creation of the Earth elemental Lady Jane. Swamp Thing Vol. 2 #119
    1853: Jonah Hex rescues the Apache chief from the claws of a puma and is initiated into the tribe as the chief's son.
    1854: Silas Kent and his two sons Nathaniel and Jebediah leave Boston to settle in Kansas and help found the cities of Lawrence, Topeka and Osawatomic.
    1855: Silas Kent founds the "Plains Speaker" and is killed by Luther Reid.
    1856: Nathaniel Kent befriends James Butler Hickok who settles in Lawrence, Kansas. Later that year Jeb Kent torches the Kents' printshop.
    1858: Jeb Kent starts riding with William C. Quantrill and his Raiders (which include Luther Reid)


c. 1861: The spirit of America is first sundered during the Civil War; two brothers merge with the spirit to form Billy Yank and Johnny Reb.
Scalphunter meets Abraham Lincoln     1862: [July] Scalphunter and Bat Lash foil an assassination attempt on Abraham Lincoln.
    1863: [January] Following the Union declaration of freedom for all slaves on January 1st, Jonah Hex decides to go to Fort Charlotte to surrender himself as a prisoner of war believing he can no longer fight the Union and won't fight his friends in grey. However, based on the dirt on Jonah's boots the Union soldiers manage to find and capture Jonah's friends and Jonah ends up being branded as a traitor. Weird Western Tales #29
    1863: [May] After the battle of Chancellorsville Jonah Hex accidentally kills Stonewall Jackson.
    1863: [August 21st] Jeb Kent is present as a member of Quantrill's Raiders during the massacre of Lawrence, Kansas. During the raid Jeb kills the Luther Reid, the murderer of his father.
    1863: Jesse James starts riding with Quantrill's Raiders toward the end of the year.
    1864: General James Ewell Brown (J.E.B.) Stuart dies in battle against the Union soldiers.

    1865: [April] Jonah Hex and 7th light calvary, Confederate States of America surrender their weapons.
Jonah Hex is scarred     1866: Jonah Hex is scarred ???.
    1866: [July] Deputy U.S. marshal Bill Hickok arranges for Nate Kent to become a deputy as well. Kents #9: "To the Stars by Hard Ways"
    1866: Arthur Gordon Pym takes to the seas as Captain Nemo of the Nautillus. Young All-Stars #16 (September 1988): "Leviathan!"
    1866: [Winter] Jonah Hex becomes a bounty hunter.
    1867: The first cattle drives are made on what would later be known as the Chisholm Trail.
    1868: [October 21st] A time-lost Captain Atom is found by Trail Boss Matt Savage and meets a number of other western legends in the city of San Francisco before a battle between him and Hawk-Monarch sets off a major Earthquake and hurls Captain Atom into the year 1944. Armageddon: Alien Agenda #3 (January 1992)
    1868: [Late November] Scalphunter and Nate Kent both quit the army following the massacre at Washita.
    1869: Nate Kent becomes Bill Hickok's deputy in Hays City, Texas.
    1869: [December 7th] Jeb Kent participates when Jesse James robs the bank in Gallatin, Missouri. Kents #11


    1870s: The time-lost Vigilante winds up in the Old West. Thanks to Johnny Thunder's bumbling, he spends about twenty years in the past, but he doesn’t mind. The Vigilante had many adventures alongside such legends as Nighthawk, Madame .44, and Strong Bow. He is rescued by Green Arrow, the second Black Canary, and Johnny Thunder.

    1871: Jeb Kent starts working as a cowboy for Trail Boss Matt Savage. He quits in May to hit Abilene with John Wasley Hardin and is just about to shoot his brother Nate (who is working as Hickok's deputy) in the back when Nate suddenly runs off as Scalphunter shows up bringing news from Mary Glenowen.
    1871: [June 13th] Nate Kane marries Mary Glenowen.
    1871: [December] Nate and Mary move to Smallville as Nate is offered a job as sheriff.
    1872: Green Lantern Abin Sur is forced to land on Earth to recover from a recent battle. While on Earth he choses Daniel Young, a sheriff in Bailysville, Montana, as a temporary Green Lantern. Green Lantern Vol. 2 #149 (February 1982)
    1873: Chronos II (Walker Gabriel) meets the Kent family in Smallville, Kansas and the time-travelling gypsies in the Lucas Goodfellow Trevelling Theatre. Chronos #1-#3 (March-May 1998)
    1873: Gorilla City is established in Africa after an alien ship crashes into the jungle. Secret Origins #40
    1874: Jeff Smith of the Time Masters arrive on September 16th in Oaxaca, Mexico to kill Perfio Diaz who is revealed as being part of the Illuminati. He meets Jonah Hex, Scalphunter and Bat Lash who are all working for Diaz and is invited to join them for dinner. When he later tries to kill Diaz he is shot by Jonah Hex, but manages to escape into the future before Jonah can finish the job. Time Masters #3 (April 1990)
    1875: Jonah Hex marries Mei Ling and they settle down and have a son. When Jonah picks up his six-shooters again Mei Ling takes their son and leave. Jonah Hex #45,51,53
    1875: Later that year Jonah Hex is teleported to Seattle 2050 AD by Reinhold Borsten where he spends an undisclosed period of time before being returned. Hex #1 (September 1985): "Once Upon A Time In The West?!?"
    1876: Jack McCall kills Wild Bill Hickok. The body is stolen and reanimated by Doc "Cross" Williams and becomes part of Cross' travelling show until all are killed by Jonah Hex. Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo #1-#5
    1878: Sent back in time by the Lord of Time, JLA members Flash, Green Lantern, Elongated Man and Zatanna meet Jonah Hex, Bat-Lash, Cinnamon and Scalphunter and fight the Lord's robot gunfighters before being returned to their own time. Justice League of America #198-#199
    late 1870: Samuel Augustus Adams, a political cartoonist, is killed under orders from the corrupt Boss Tweed of Tammany Hall. The spirit of America bonds with Adams to form the first Uncle Sam. Spectre Vol. 3 #38 (February 1996)
    1879: In England Damon Merritt summons a demon through a poster & becomes immortal Starman Vol. 2 #24 (November 1996)
*     19th century A.D. Super-Chief, String Bow, Roving Ranger, and the Trigger Twins are transported to April 1942 A.D. through a time warp.


    1880: [January 8th] Joshua Norton, Emperor of the United States of America dies in the streets of San Fransisco.
    1882: Abin Sur tracks Devlos Ungol, the murderer of his predecessor, to Coffin Springs, Arizona where he meets U.S. Marshall Henry Lee Jordan who helps him bring Dovlos down. Legends of the DC Universe #20-#21 (September-October 1999)
    1883: The time-travelling Spectre fails to defeat Shathan at the destruction of Krakatoa. They both travel further back in time.

    1884: Brian Savage (Scalphunter) becomes sheriff of Opal City Starman Vol. 2
    late 1880s A.D. Blaze transforms Dr. Aleister Hook into Skyhook.


    1890: The Heart of Darkness is discovered in the Upper Congo by Arthur Gordon Pym using the name Perkins.

    1891: A gemcutter turns the Heart of Darkness into one thousand small black diamonds, releasing Eclipso, God's first spirit of vengeance.
    1891: Windrunner time-jumps from 1844 and establishes the civilian identity of Max Carter and the heroic identity of Whip Whirlwind. (He time-jumps a few times more and dons different identities. By the late 20th century he uses the name Max Mercury.)

    1893: The Shade assists Marcus King in finding a lost Arabian kingdom. Marcus then reveals himself as a Ludlow and tries to kill the Shade. Shade #2
    1894: Hugo Danner is born to Abednego & Matilda Danner in Colorado Young All-Stars #10 (April 1988)
    1894: The wealthy Cyrus Gold of Gotham City is killed in Slaughter Swamp.
c. 1898 On her eighteenth birthday, a female bounty hunter named Cinnamon sets out to avenge the death of her father.
    1899: On December 31st, a group of mystics called the Seven rescue two infants later named Doc and Rose.
    Brian Savage is killed in Opal City (son Steve makes promise) Starman Vol. 2

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