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Human Defense Corps #6
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December 2003 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Clement Sauvé Jr (pencils)
Dennis Janke (inks)
Guy Major (colors)

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Story: "On Duty in Hell" (22 Pages)


Ty Templeton (plot, script)
Clement Sauvé Jr and Norm Breyfogle (pencils)
Dennis Janke (inks)
Moose Baumann (colors)
Clem Robins (letters)
Valerie D'Orazio and Dan Raspler (edits)

Feature Characters:

Sergeant Montgomery Kelly, Colonel Reno Rosetti
Corporal Taylor (deceased)
Private David Page
Private Eric Stewart
Specialist Colin Mitchell
Sergeant Chad Kiyahani

Supporting Characters: Chaplain Charlie Graham



Guest Appearance:

Vicki Vale

Comment: The framing story for this issue happens one week after the main story


Sergeant Kelly discovers that following his encounter with the demon Scarmaglione, he became blood kin of the demons, meaning he is more than and less than human now. As the other men of the Human Defense Corps come to his aid, he disrupts the demons' plans to trade his comrades to Neron and wrests their power for his own. He is then offered a new posting - as interim commander of the area. As he explains to Vicki Vale in a television interview, all 66 of the missing men were rescued and although five men died in the mission, they are now under his command. His new life is obviously going to be very different.

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1:On Duty in Hell

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