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Human Defense Corps #2
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August 2003 [$2.50]

Cover Credits: Clement Sauvé Jr (pencils)
Juan Vlasco (inks)
Guy Major (colors)

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Story: "On Duty in Heaven" (22 Pages)


Ty Templeton (plot, script)
Clement Sauvé Jr (pencils)
Juan Vlasco (inks)
Moose Baumann (colors)
Jack Morelli (letters)
Valerie D'Orazio (assistant edits)
Dan Raspler (edits)

Feature Characters:

Cadet Taylor
Cadet Morgan
Sergeant Montgomery Kelly

Supporting Character:

Doctor Zaius (a scientist from Gorilla City working in the Human Defense Corps biolabs, next in #4)


A demon (in a giant test tube)

Comment: This story takes place two years after the last issue


Cadets Taylor and Morgan find themselves on the run when their training squad is attacked by a group of Human Defense Corps personnel who have been taken over by Starro probes. They evade capture and hide out in the biolabs of the undersea facility where they were to conduct a war game in. Eventually their squad leader, Montogmery Kelly with a Starro probe on his face tracks them down, but Cadet Taylor attacks him with a paralyzer. It is revealed that this was actually prelude to 'prisoner of war training' - none of the Corps were really under Starro control. For evading capture, Taylor and Morgana are relieved of this training and given a plum posting to an orbital station, but Taylor hates himself for attacking Kelly with an unknown, possibly lethal weapon, breaking the spirit of his vow never to kill a fellow human.

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1:On Duty in Heaven

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