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Detective Comics #678
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September 1994 [$1.50]

Cover Credits: Graham Nolan (pencils; signed)
Scott Hanna (ink; signed) Bob LeRose (colors)

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Story: "Yesterdays Gone" (22 Pages)


Chuck Dixon (plot, script)
Graham Nolan (pencils)
Bob McLeod (inks)
John Constanza (letters)
Adrienne Roy (colors)
Scott Peterson (edits)

Feature Character: Batman I (last in..., next in...)

Supporting Characters:

Thomas Wayne
Martha Wayne
Alfred Pennyworth
Harvey Bullock (all of an alternate timeline where Bruce Wayne is killed rather than his parents)

Other Characters:

Joe Chill (a drug addict)
Tom (police; both from the alternate timeline)

Note: Zero Hour crossover issue


Batman returns home to find Wayne Manor strangely different - Thomas and Martha Wayne are returning home, having just witnessed the death of their son, killed by a mugger's bullet. Another time anomoly. Batman is determined to see justice done and hunts down this timeline's Joe Chill, but he could no have committed the crime. When he returns to the manor, things are back as they were, but a seed of doubt has been planted in Batman's mind. Did Joe Chill really kill his parents? Has his parent's killer ever been brought to justice?

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1:Yesterdays Gone

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