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Batman: Gotham Knights #9
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November 2000 [$2.50]

Cover Credit: Brian Bolland (pencils, inks; signed)

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Story: "Transference, Part 2" (22 Pages)


Devin Grayson (plot, script)
Roger Robinson (pencils)
John Floyd (inks)
Bill Oakley (letters)
Pamela Rambo (colors)
Digital Chameleon (color seperations)
Dennis O'Neil (edits)

Feature Characters:

Dick Grayson
Tim Drake


Hugo Strange

Other Characters:

Kenji (first appearance; a security guard at Wayne Enterprises)
Emma (behind the scenes; a Wayne Enterprises employee)


Bruce Wayne's psychiatrist reveals himself as Higo Strange and says he knows that Wayne is also Batman. Wayne denies the charge strenuously, and tries to leave. When Strange locks the door pulls a gun on him, Wayne starts a fire to force him to open the door. Under cover of the fire alarm, Wayne changes to his Batman persona and confronts Strange, who promises to reveal Batman's secret identity to all and sundry if he is sent to jail. Batman ignores his adversary, trussing him up on the roof of the Wayne Foundation building and summoning the Batmobile. However, when the vehicle arrives, it explodes, seemingly killing him. Dick Grayson, in shock, tries to find Hugo Strange, but the roof is empty by the time he gets there.

Second Story: "Blackout" (8 Pages)


Howard Chaykin (plot, script)
Jordi Bernet (pencils, inks)
Ken Bruzenak (letters)
Mark Chiarello (edits)

Feature Character:


Guest Star:


Supporting Character:

James Gordon


Albion Price (first appearance; a Nazi spy)

Comment: This is an Elseworlds tale taking place in the year 1943.


Batman encounters Catwoman stealing from Albion Price, who, she claims, is a Nazi spy. Disbelievingly, Batman stakes Price out and discovers that she was telling the truth. They take him down together, but Batman still doesn't allow her to get away with the Nazi's stash of diamonds.

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1:Transference, Part 2

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